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July 07, 2008



Awesome pics, Leigh! Wow. I can't wait to see the rest of them. I'm still scrubbing the downtown grime off of me, but the pics are well worth it! Can't believe I left my shoes in your car. boo! :o)


Wow, that tiled wall is really awesome! Great pix!

PhotoSmith - Sarah e. Smith

love these pics and your blog! that first one is my favorite...i wish i had some cool spots like that around where i live to shoot!


What a great session! My favorite is the second to last one where they are both standing against the columns. Very cool.

Love your site and always look forward to your updates!


Have I already told you how much I love the pics? I love them and I haven't even seen them all yet! The session was great, but I'm with Carl...I still feel dirty (and not in a good way), lol! Can't wait to see the rest! Talk to you soon =)

Kristen Cook

Wowie... this session rocked Leigh. Amazing work again :)


these are awesome, love the locations!

Steve Donovan

Some very nice compositions here Leigh - good work!

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