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September 13, 2007



Leigh --

These look AMAZING. Love the bookshelves in the last one. So cool.


Pete Malone

Hi Leigh! Great shots. Your first camera nine months ago?!? You are amazing and your photos are inspirational. Keep up the good work Leigh. I'll be following along through your blog and flickr!


Hey Leigh.. Love your blog.. and these wedding images are fantastic

Carla Lomonaco

how adorable. i love the one with the bouqet and the one where they are almost kissing and the one with the brick red floor and the flare one... haha thats a lot. but they're my fave.


WOW Leigh - these are fantastic!
I swear inthe time I've known you, yourwork has just BOOMED into another level!! Stunning wedding pics hun

Heather Garland

These are all amazing but wow the bookshelf one just is SO COOL!

Amy Martin

These look great!


Absolutely stunning photos !!! And the weird thing is that they are all equally good ... When people put up a series, most of the time I find a favorite amongst the photod, but here..... can't make my mind up. They're all great !!!

PS: only 9 months, where did you find the magic ????

Marina Miller

you are so kicking butt girlie!!!!



awesome work on this wedding girl! LOVE the library shot!

Marta Potoczek

These are fantastic! Beautiful couple!

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